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I’m Roger Gielen, the creator of the Discover Your True Purpose program … this process is used by successful entrepreneurs who wonder “Is this all there is?” to discover WHO an WHY they really are. As an economist and MBA with over twenty years of business experience in large and small companies and more than ten years experience as a life coach and therapist, I have coached hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs and others to be the best they can be. To move from a good life to a great life. To establish a new norm of success and create fulfilled, meaningful and happy lives. I get most excited about how they become beacons enlightening the paths of others they chose to serve.


Discover your true purpose

by Rogier Gielen


The hop step and jump method shows you exactly the rules of the game life and what to do every step of the way.
At this 3 days Intensive workshop you will discover your true purpose.

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5 sorting styles

September 1st, 2015|0 Comments

Find out about some of your subconscious interests. And get to know the preferences of other people, so you can connect with others easily. Watch this vlog about the 5 sorting […]

What do you see, similarity, differences or uniqueness?

August 26th, 2015|1 Comment

Carl Linnaeus showed us the virtues of classification, but are you curious how life will look like if you let go of the order? Well, just watch this video.

Purpose of Design

August 19th, 2015|0 Comments

What’s the purpose of design? Plato already had something to say about that. Watch this video. And BTW it’s Form Follows Function NOT form follows design ;-)

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